Just a little update:

Today is my seventh day of going to the gym in a row! I decided last week that running for 30 mins a day outside of my flat didn’t feel enough and I felt uncomfortable because my place is on a hill. In the end, I went to the gym and just jumped in.

Honestly I never felt better! Exercising at the gym allowed me to take my mind off things and I feel accomplished, the soreness also oddly feels good.

Seven days in a row is obviously not good without a rest day, so I’ll be taking one tomorrow (with a treat of ice cream!) 

I started exercising on the 3rd of September, which is around three weeks until now. I (think, if the scale isn’t lying to me) lost 1.5kgs so far, which is honestly amazing for me! I haven’t seen any changes yet, but I do feel it.

I plan on continuing for as long as I can, I want to actually achieve my goal this time around. Someday, I will! 🙂


You know those three body types,

That ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph thing?

Yeah, I keep thinking to myself that I’m probably just an endomorph because it’s the chubbiest of all body types.

I think I’m just lazymorph let’s be real.

I’ve ran 6 out of the past 8 days,

And I’ve been feeling really proud of myself. 

Sure, it hasn’t been the whole week, but I’m actually starting to get into a routine. The only reason why I have two days off is because the 6th was my birthday (so I wanted to treat myself) and today’s lazy day (unless I feel like running soon, which I may, if not I’ll think of this as cheat day).

They’re just 30 minute runs per day, I don’t add anything much more aside from that. Mostly because I live in a small flat so I can’t do indoor exercises without being watched by my flatmates, and the gym is way too far away for me right now (though I’ll be living way closer to it next year). 

But sometimes, I don’t even do a full 30 minute run, I run for 3-4 minutes at a time then walk for 1-2 minutes since I get too tired. It’s something that I’m working on and one of my main goals is to be able to run for a full 30 minutes by the end of this month. I do run around a hill with a pretty high incline though, so I guess it balances itself out.

I’m also taking this way more seriously than I used to, especially since I live by myself now and feed myself. I eat oatmeal every morning instead of bread to cut out white carbs, and once I get my smoothie maker (today hopefully) I’ll start making smoothies for dinner instead. Lunch I’ll keep as per normal because I get extremely grumpy if I don’t have food, and I feel it’s best to jave that boost of energy then.

With all this, hopefully I’ll be able to achieve my goal for this month and lose as much weight as possible. I’ll weigh myself tomorrow and see if I’ve made any progress over the week (no matter how small).

Here’s to achieving all of our goals! 🙂

My overall goal

Will be to lose 10 kg by the end of this year (that means in three months). I’ve only started this month, but I’m enthusiastic (and a bit overwhelmed) that I can achieve it.

My goal for this month will be to lose at least 3 kg, hopefully more if I want to reach my overall goal. I’ll weigh myself later, when I can find one, that will be my starting point. I’ll weigh myself each week to see how I do.

Here’s to achieving my goal!

I’ve only been running a few days,

But I already feel the effects of it, becoming more positive. I mean, I know that I won’t lose ten kilos from only a few days. I don’t run that much anyways, only just trying to take it step by step, but also to make a routine of running everyday.

It’s not much exercise that I do everyday, to be honest, but now I genuinely feel like I’ll actually lose weight rather than sitting on my ass the entire day. It might take me a year or two to actually see any good result, but that’s okay.

Now if I can get myself to eat better and eat less fat, I might make actual progress.


I need to lose weight.

I’ve been trying for a long time to get into a routine, but I feel like I always have excuses for myself. I need to actually get this done. I’ll weigh myself and start goals and post it here for the whole public to see. Maybe my shame and embarrassment will kick me to work.