Guilt (Challenge #2)

First is a submission from Lynn Marie. It’s very straightforward but its honesty of the speaker’s guilt is what makes this poem come alive. 

The things I did in my past
Haunt my life makes it last
Takes my chest
Makes it beat
My ways are discreet
For the Guilt will surely come
I have done some bad things
That I shouldn’t have done
I have hurt some life’s
I have hurt my own
I have shut myself down
I have made myself alone
I push away people
I’m guilty of that
The things I have done
I am just stating the facts
Not lovely to be around
I have made people miserable
I’m not Harry Potter
I can’t become invisible
The things I am guilty of
Can always take control
Guilt knows what it is doing
It has its own role


Challenge #2!

Following the success of the first challenge and seeing the growth in my follower numbers, I’m going to broaden this week’s challenge.

Now it’s not just limited to words, but photography, artwork, blog posts, and literally everything else you might have in mind can be submitted in! This includes mature content, I am a bit hesitant on smut but fuck it, I’ll post it too (with a ‘read more’ tag, mind).

However, I will not accept any image (words are fine) too gruesome. This is not because I deem it too harsh for WordPress, but too harsh for my sanity. If you do submit it in, I swear I will send the mental institute bills to you. No I’m not joking.

Right, on to the theme. I did ‘cold’ last time, so obviously I’m not going to do anything related to Winter anytime soon. Instead, let’s play a bit with our memories. The year is almost ending, so perhaps it’s time to just think about our mistakes and where they lie.

This week’s theme will be guilt.

Deadline: Monday, 8 December 2014.

If you’re a bit lost as to what I’m talking about, be sure to check the rules and guidelines before submitting anything. You can also check previous submissions for inspiration.

P.S. The rules are subject to change as time goes on. I have no idea how popular this will be, and if I suddenly have 500 people barging in with submissions, obviously I’m going to have to cut it off a bit.

Good luck!

Challenge #1: Final Notes

I never expected to have people joining today’s challenge, but I am pleasantly surprised to see three send in their submissions! If you missed them earlier, here they are:

1. Cold by Jamie of Mostly Short Stories.

2. “Cold Hard Facts” by Michael of Vision of Poets.

3. Winter Morning Blues by Tiffanie of Crazy Redhead Perspectives.

It’s a great success for a first run. Thanks to those who participated and read the submissions, see you all in two weeks! 🙂

Winter Morning Blues (Challenge #1)

Third is a submission from Tiffanie of Crazy Redhead Perspectives. It’s a gloomy but very descriptive moment that truly grasps the meaning of Winter. The original post can be found here.

It is the type of morning when
you step out of bed shivering—
curling your toes away from the
feeling of a cold hard wood floor.

When the dripping of the coffee
pot is not enough to warm you.
When it’s constant, consistent
noise drives you to an insanity;
dripping, dripping, dripping.

It is the type of morning that
seeps into your bones—the type
of morning where the winter chill
has crept into your home like a
thief in the night.

When the outside world looks
too bright, barren. When the
dead branches are scraping through
the air and creating and unsettled feeling;
scraping, scraping, scraping.

It is the type of morning that you take
a shower just to feel warmth running
over your body—the type of morning
that does not require shampoo, rather,
and escape from the cold.

When your memories crave release and
suddenly flood your bedroom,
driving you to listen to sad music and
drown in the emotions of your past;
drowning, drowning, drowning.

“Cold Hard Facts” (Challenge #1)

Our second entry is from Michael of The Vision of Poets. This is a deep, love story embraced by fantastic usage of imagery. The original poem can be found here.

Wiping the perspiration from my brow
Sitting here in the coldness of your heart
Wondering how I could possibly feel the heat
Alongside your frigid soul

Only yesterday you professed your
Profound desire for my love…
Yet – today I find you here amongst the passionflower,
Entangled in the vines of your
Profligated desires

As you walk out my door
And into the yard…
I can see your breath as a cold fog
Although the sun is shining brightly
On this warm day of December

Frost is forming beneath your feet
With each step that you take
Away from me…
I can only suppose from the bitter cold that
Dwells within you

I must join those who have warned me
Of your desires for wandering
Amongst the frozen tundra
In your nakedness…
Hidden from those who have cared so
Deeply for your being…
Yet have suffered so profoundly from the ice
That creeps so perniciously through
Your veins

I must find my own pathway to survival
Without you inside my heart…
Although my thoughts of you in this very moment
Are far less than honorable…
I will not linger in my reflections of you
For I have endured the cold many times before…
I have had my heart shattered in the past
By the cold hard facts of reality…
While I lingered in moments of my illusions
That I was truly loved…

Be careful with whom you wander…
Across the frozen ponds of your delusive heart…
Your nakedness may someday feel the cold…
And frostbite hurts…

Writing Challenge #1!

We’ve all been at the point of having zero views on your site, and it can be frustrating to know that no one is reading your hard work. And since you guys are pretty amazing people for being stubborn enough to continue following me, I’ve been thinking of ways to give back to the community.

So here we are, the first writing challenge! I know a lot of you out there are poets or just writers in general, so this is where you can truly shine. Just a few ground rules as we start off:

1. Every challenge will consist of a broad theme. It is entirely up to you on how to interpret it, the subject can even be far from the theme. If it’s too far from the theme, I may ask for you to describe your thought process as well.
Do not worry if you can’t come up with something in relation to the theme. Don’t force your writing to fit or it’ll turn out shitty. There will be another one, and hopefully a theme you’ll be more accustomed to.

2. You can submit content published on your blog, be it new or old content. I recommend that you post it on your blog first so that your own followers can see what you did. If you have it on your blog already, it’s best to send me an email consisting of a link instead.

3. I don’t know how many times I’ll host a challenge like this (preferably bi-weekly), but to give others a chance in submitting, if your work is posted on my blog, you must wait one week before you can submit again. Otherwise I’ll just ignore it.
(e.g. Your work was posted on Week 1, you cannot submit for Week 2, but you can then submit for Week 3. If you submit a work but was not posted on my blog, then you can submit for Week 2.)

4. Do not email me with multiple submissions. No matter which one you think is best, I will only post the first one you submit. Also, if you spam me, I will put you in the spam folder.

Right now, since I’m testing things out, the deadline for this challenge is on Monday, 4 PM (GMT +7). Why Monday? Because that is probably the day with the least posts for me. If you submit after the deadline, then you will not be posted, sorry.

For the first challenge, since December is coming soon, let’s start off with the theme of: cold.

Bear with me here, this is the first time I’ve done this, and it’s a trial, so rules may change the next time.

Email me your submissions to

Got questions or suggestions on ideas for the challenge? Comment below!