For the Earth

Who entertain us with tidal waves
exciting for kids
and surfers
perfect for running.

Let’s not forget the volcanoes
for keeping us warm
on winter days,
launching personal heaters
for each and every one of us.

What a kind host to provide tornadoes
on a sunny day
keeping us cool
when the night gets too hot.

And the tremors that
start all of this,
signalling the Earth’s rousing
between great lengths of slumber.

Thank you,
oh gracious Earth,
I am very quite pleased
to call you home.


My Thoughts

I welcome you aboard
even if you are not worthy
you should be proud to be here
what a disgrace
I’m honored to be your colleague.
Fuck off.

You look so beautiful!
What a pig.
Isn’t she just glowing?
Fatter than the glowing sun.
What a model!
Such a my horrid word!

Isn’t he cute?
Quite the contrary.
He’s so kind!
Very much so an asshole.
I’d love to date him!
Why, what a good choice!

What do you think?
My thoughts
are not
my own.

To the words I write

On black marble,
I engrave on you the stories
of a lifetime
etched with ink
and feather ends.

To the words I write
on recycled ply
I engrave on you the letters
of a life
etched with lead
and pencil shavings.

To the words I write
so delicately with care
you are my soul
and I thank you.


The roosters crow as
the moon rises,
the soft light washing over
rousing the little ones.

The lamplight blink on
as the darkness envelops the city,
alarms singing with joy.

Dinner is served
at eight o’clock in the evening.
The husband cheers for newspapers
the children scream for school
and the cat sleeps in.

The moonlight greets them
as another night begins.


Stories in mathematical equations
essays found on the blackboard.
The professor speaks of numbers
yet all I hear are letters.

They say pictures tell a thousand words,
Algebra holds a million.

Perhaps the most underappreciated fact
is the ability to say one hundred