Now I can’t be without company,

It’s odd, because I’ve been alone most of my life and have made peace with it. But now that I have a lot more friends and are usually around people, I have gone to become very clingy instead.

Of course, me being my shy character and knowing how busy most of my friends are, I don’t usually ask for their attention. But when there’s no one around and I’m left alone, I feel so empty now, like I’m desperate to find someone, anyone, to be around. Sometimes, I feel too empty that I would spiral down into depressive thoughts and my mood would instantly crash from being extremely happy to extremely gloomy.

And it’s not like I’d be alone for five hours and then I’d feel lonely, but the moment I part from someone, I would instantly feel lonely. Hasn’t even passed five seconds yet, it’s like I continuously require stimulation.

It’s an odd feeling to me too, since I used to be such an introvert. I just can’t help wondering if this is normal or not.