the eyes of misery
is a bit
too poetic.

The grandeur of glory
and rambling cries
with bleeding boots
marching on the field
and a bullet to pierce the frontal lobe.

The heightened passion
reaching for a climax
between flesh and cloth
of rhythmic breath
and lubrication by male ejaculation.

To portray the dazzling canines
of a baby with delicacy
and the forlorn gaze
that watch over the birth,
the placenta peeling off the uterus.

The toe-curling death and
with an explosion of laughter.

Life is a bit too poetic.
But perhaps,
an unpoetic life
is no life at all.




One of the most popular first-person games to ever debut, with amazing graphics and amazing controls. It does not require multi-player to run, but it is highly recommended so that the game can be played to its full potential.

However, even with its capabilities, the game is one of the most hated in the world for its pre-determined difficulty setting, especially with its inability to hack without consequence or without extra lives.

But, without a doubt, it is the greatest game to ever exist. No matter the difficulties or the flaws. No matter how well it is created or by how well the graphics is, because it is your game.

Shout-out to Always Sometimes Monsters, a game I fucking hate because it emulates humanity so well.