Hearts in a Jar

hearts in a jar, i’ll see you in 3 months rob #diy #valentines #gift #craft #heart #origami

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Hearts in a Jar (a very creative name that I came up with) is mostly heart-shaped origami where I wrote messages in, and then placed in a jar.


It’s a very simple task, but it does mean a lot to the receiver if you put your entire heart into the project (or at least it did)! The heart origami that I made came from the tutorial here by Craft TV (Jessica). It seems intimidating at first, and I had a hard time getting it right, but after a lot of concentration and patience, I managed to make one! After that, it was far easier out of muscle memory.

The mason jar that I got was quite big as well, so I could fit thirty-five hearts in it. I also used two colours (red and pink) to make it seem more vibrant and not too dull.unspecified

I covered the top of the mason jar with black paper so that I could write on it, and it turned out quite well! I’m really happy with the result, and my boyfriend seemed to really like it!

This was probably my most original and creative endeavour, so don’t expect better crafts in the future.


I am.

#6: Change your point of view.

Don’t tell me what to do, you little piece of shit.
I know exactly what’s going through your head right now.
Yeah? It ain’t good, ain’t it.
You’re going to get it now.

What? You think I’m not good enough for you?
Bullshit, I’ve always been good enough,
Better, actually,
You’ve just never been good enough for me.

You think you deserve all this?
All your friends and your family,
You think you deserve them?
What have you done to deserve them?

You want to run, huh?
You’ll never be able to run away from me.
No matter how hard you try,
You can never run away from the truth.

You want to be better for me?
Then suck it up and work so that you deserve me,
Because you will never be worthy of your heart,
Unless you sacrifice everything you have.