Contrast of Elements

“They must listen to me!” he shouted, “They must bow to me as their ruler!”

“Such coarse actions mean noting, brother of mine,” she replied in a soothing voice, “We must embrace them with care, not harshness.”

“Foolish, naive girl,” he shook his head with disappointment, stretching his arms out dangerously, “What is greatness for if not presented to the common flesh? What is heat if not to warm? To burn?”

“Cool yourself man, before you wreck havoc upon the innocent life.”

“Nay!” he spat, the small flicker of light growing at his feet, “It will not be my fault if the innocent do not run once I arrive.”

“Cool yourself,” she warned calmly, “lest you want me to force it on you.”

He grinned and took her advice, dimming considerably before he continued, “Do not sit on such a high horse, sister, your ass will sore.”

She scoffed, “Hypocrite, learn your own wisdom before you impart it on others.”

“Yet I am not the one to threaten their own kin.”

“Kin you may be, but we are nothing alike.”

“Nay,” he laughed scornfully, “You are far more terrifying when provoked. My thanks for bringing it to my attention.”

“Hypocrite,” she tutted, “Once again.”

“You take lives when your innocent earth rouses you,” he licked, vaporising her tendril, “I take lives when daredevils rouse me.”

“Do not call me a murderer and stoop me down so low to your level,” she hissed, a wave rising overhead, “I say, take back your accusation.”

“What tall legs your mount has, dear sister!”

She rose high, bits of sand flowing towards her innards. She was strong, and just as impenetrable as a wall. The deafening roar echoed as she crashed down on him, enveloping him with blue as his very existence is snuffed out forever.