Hearts in a Jar

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Hearts in a Jar (a very creative name that I came up with) is mostly heart-shaped origami where I wrote messages in, and then placed in a jar.


It’s a very simple task, but it does mean a lot to the receiver if you put your entire heart into the project (or at least it did)! The heart origami that I made came from the tutorial here by Craft TV (Jessica). It seems intimidating at first, and I had a hard time getting it right, but after a lot of concentration and patience, I managed to make one! After that, it was far easier out of muscle memory.

The mason jar that I got was quite big as well, so I could fit thirty-five hearts in it. I also used two colours (red and pink) to make it seem more vibrant and not too dull.unspecified

I covered the top of the mason jar with black paper so that I could write on it, and it turned out quite well! I’m really happy with the result, and my boyfriend seemed to really like it!

This was probably my most original and creative endeavour, so don’t expect better crafts in the future.


Christmas Gift #7

Instead of making my dad’s present, I decided to take a break and make the Christmas cards instead. I followed this to make them, but I did make a variety of substitutions.

For one, the cards are a much lighter shade of blue, mainly because I couldn’t find a darker shade, which would have made it so much better. That and I’ve replaced the cotton yarn with white thread, since the yarn I have is way too big. There’s not much difference and I’m still satisfied with the result, to be honest.


I’ve only made two so far and I haven’t placed the black paper insert yet. The paper to the left is the dot template I’ve been using so I don’t have to measure it over and over again, finally I found some use for my essay from last year.

Christmas Gift #6

I’m making a chick felt doll now for my grandmother, which is basically the same as the angry bird, just different colors ahaha. I should also show where I found the inspiration from. They are needlefelt, yes, but since I have no idea where to find the materials, I had to make do. It turned out cute too! Since the creation is also the same as the angry bird, I’ll just place pictures here.



I also fucked up a bit in the end, since on the angry bird, the bottom had the ‘circle’ thing inside the doll. I was going to do the same and sewed it inside, until I turned it inside out and realized that I sewed the bottom in. But by then, it was already too late, I had already finished sewing it in.

So fuck it, it stays.

You can see the tails, indicating the bottom part, and the difference.

You can see the tails, indicating the bottom part, and the difference.

So I place the circle on the top instead.

So I placed the circle on the top instead.

At least now it won’t be carbon copies of each other? Ahaha…

Well, I’ll start with my dad’s gift soon!

Christmas Gift #5

WIN_20141212_181242I finally finished the angry bird! It actually wouldn’t take so long if I hadn’t jumped around projects. So after I sewed the parts together (yes I sewed in a tail and a strap), I stuffed it with dacron. It is really, really fun to stuff it with dacron, for some reason. Best part of making the doll.


On a side note, this is the amount of dacron I have. Yes, this is a fuckload, but I also have a good reason. It’s really hard to find a good place that is close to my house that sells felt and dacron, so I had to go to an online store. I had no fucking idea how big it all is, so I just estimated. My estimate is wrong, if you can’t tell.


But this is the finished product of the angry bird, finally! It’s a good try for a first doll, I have to say, and I’m really satisfied with the result. I mean yes, it is a bit sloppy with the handiwork, but it turned out pretty well, in my opinion. Also, it is far cuter than I thought it would have been. If it wasn’t for a present, I would have kept it for myself.

I’m going to take a break for now before I start on the next felt doll, good night everyone 🙂

Christmas Gift #4

Yes, I’ve finally done it, I’ve finally finished the garland! I measured it around 14 cm between each pom pom, tied them all up, and then sewed it in for an extra safety measure. It looks a bit less clean now, since you can see the threads, but I’m personally satisfied with how it looks.

wpid-wp-1418262343899.jpgWait a minute. Ahhh shit, it’s off centered. Oh well, I only realized it once I took a picture, it would fuck up everything if I had to redo it. More or less, it looks pretty good so far.


Oh right, I never did say how I’m going to put this thing up. Well, I’ve decided to just tie up the ends of the braids and then loop it around so there are two ‘loops’ at the ends of the garland. Then I’ve bought small hooks that can be attached to a wall or a table. … Which I have now lost, so I will take a picture when I find them/buy a new one.

Now that’s done, I finally got back to the red felt ball thing, now with maximum focus. I’ve showed this in a previous post before, in its very early stages, but now I’ve added an extra part, eyes, a wing, and a beak, so it looks more like a bird.

An Angry Bird, in fact, I’m making this gift for my aunt. Hopefully I’ll be done by tomorrow, just need to attach this part to the main body, fill it up and form it, then sew it up. Oh right, I made the felt ball from this tutorial. It’s not for a doll, but it works, at least.

Christmas Gift #3

I didn’t post last time because I forgot. Now I’m posting progress.

I didn’t get too far because I was busy until night time during Saturday and Sunday either, but the garland is finished now. It was actually really quick to finish it than I thought, I did finally braid the two braids into a garland, so now it looks like this. For extra security, I decided to sew it in so that it won’t ‘twist out’.


In the end, the most trouble I had with were with the pom poms. They’re ridiculously easy to fall off, because they’re tied down in the middle and if you accidentally take it out, you’re taking out one of its ‘fur’. Plus you can see down the middle, so it looks horrible if you look at it from the side.


Fortunately, I finally figured out how to hide it, and that’s mostly to tie it down the middle as tight as fucking possible. Unfortunately, I found that out far too late, so two of my pom poms had its sides horrible. But since I tied the sides to the garland, it wasn’t visible.


This is my best pom pom when I finally figured out the secret. You can tell because you can’t see the sides and it’s manicured well too. So then I tied all the pom poms and then sewed them in too.

I’m almost finished with the garland, but not tonight. I will be finished tomorrow, so keep an eye out 🙂

Christmas Gift #2

Okay so I’ve finished last night’s braid and made a new one. They’re… Roughly the same length, I think? Thank fuck though, if not it would have been hell.


You may also notice that there’s a pom-pom at the back. Yes that’s one I made! Horribly made, in fact, one side is fluffier than the other, but it’s pretty good by my standards, so I’ll use it.

I haven’t looped it yet, but instead I started making this half ball as an experiment for another gift. I feel tired now, so I’ll explain more in another post.

But basically this is felt, and it’s coming together eh… Okay.


Inside of half ball.


Outside of half ball.

Christmas Gifts

Yes, I do crafts! Holy shit the world is coming to an end! Be sure to say your goodbyes guys, Hell is freezing over.

It’s a new tradition (if it will ever become one) that I’m trying to start, and it’s to give back to my family. I’ve decided that each of my family members are going to get personalized and all of them handcrafted (hopefully) presents. If I don’t give up on them, that is. They’re also surprise gifts, so I hope that you’re all pretty good secret keepers.

First things first, a present for my mom. I’ve decided to make her a garland with pom poms so that she can decorate the house. Or at least try. So I followed the steps found here.

Er, a few of those steps, I guess. I mean, I can’t crochet. So… I can substitute right?


Shitty picture taken by a Samsung phone. I should get paid, it’s free advertisement!

I substituted the crochet part with braiding yarn instead, although I’ve never braided my own hair successfully yet. I’m a fucking genius, aren’t I? So far though, it’s worked out quite well, though it looks a bit thin. I plan on making another braid and then I’ll just loop them together. Hopefully they’ll be roughly the same size.

Why hope, you ask? Being a rational one, I should have measured the string carefully and taken note before I started, wouldn’t I?

That was what I planned, then I told myself, “Fuck it,” and that plan went out the window. Instead I just measured the string off approximates and the other two by cutting it beside the previous string. Horrible idea, but it was much faster.

How will I make them stay up, you ask? I have no idea. I’ll improvise somehow, maybe that’ll involve blutack. You never know!