Let Me Challenge You

We’ve all been at the point of having zero views on your site, and it can be frustrating to know that no one is reading your hard work. So allow me to help you out just a bit by showcasing your work (and blog) to all my readers of a diverse variety.

To see the previous challenges, click here.

General Guidelines:

  • This is a bi-weekly challenge, with a general theme surrounding each one. These themes are usually one-two words only, so you can do basically anything with it, it’s all up to you.
  • At first, this was only for writers, but I’ve decided to expand it to literally anything. You can submit a blogpost, a photograph, an artwork (DIY craft, knitted work, etc.) or just anything that comes to mind.
  • Even if you can submit anything, one person can only submit one work at a time. That means you have to choose whether you want to submit a poem or a photograph for the week.
  • The deadline for challenges is usually on Monday, 4 PM (GMT +7), though it’s subject to change. Why Monday? Because that is probably the day with the least posts for me. If you submit after the written deadline, then you will not be posted, sorry.


1. Every challenge will consist of a broad theme. It is entirely up to you on how to interpret it, I’ll accept it as long as it has a slight relation to the theme. Do not worry if you can’t come up with something in relation to the theme. Don’t force your writing to fit or it’ll turn out shitty. There will be another one, and hopefully a theme you’ll be more accustomed to.

2. You can submit content published on your blog, be it new or old content. I recommend that you post it on your blog first so that your own followers can see what you did. If you have it on your blog already, it’s best to send me an email consisting of a link instead.

3. If you submit an image-only content (e.g. a photograph, artwork) then you may add in a tagline with it, of a one short paragraph maximum. If I deem it too long, then I’ll send it back and ask you to cut down on the words. If no edits are made, then I’ll submit someone else’s work.

4. If your blog post/short story/poem is too long, then it will be placed under a ‘read more’ tag, with a few paragraphs as an excerpt. You are allowed to submit mature content (Hell if it isn’t, I’m not allowed to even post here), however, the entire post will be placed under a ‘read more’ tag, as per my principles with this blog.

5. To give others a chance in submitting, if your work is posted on my blog, you must wait one week before you can submit again. Otherwise I’ll just ignore it. (e.g. Your work was posted on Week 1, you cannot submit for Week 2, but you can then submit for Week 3. If you submit on Week 1 but it was not posted on my blog, then you can submit for Week 2.)

6. Do not email me with multiple submissions. No matter which one you think is best, I will only post the first one you submit. Also, if you spam me, I will put you in the spam folder.


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