I realised that I’m stubborn-minded,

Well, to be honest, I’ve always known that about myself. I’ve been actively trying to change it too, becoming more open-minded to other people’s suggestions and following other people’s leads as well. I feel that I’ve been developing well in this aspect recently, but I’ve only just now realised that I don’t feel the same way about my writing.

I’ve recently joined this fiction-critique site called Scribophile, where writers put up their works on the site and we critique each other (You can find me on there under the name Jane Karina if you want). It’s a very good site and the people there are amazingly helpful, especially with their constructive criticism.

Yet, to my very weak mind, I find myself defending my work a lot. Well, I don’t say it out loud, but I do find myself just mentally defending it. For things like grammar, sentence structure, using the correct words, I understand where the criticism comes from and I embrace it (especially since I’ve always been weak in grammar), but things related to my choice of words for that particular story I find myself hurt by.

I’m not saying the reviewers are wrong, far from it, they’re only trying to help after all! I just can’t help myself but feel this way, but I am also actively trying to not be so thin-skinned and just embrace the fact that I can’t please everyone. It’s quite hard, but then again, I’m only human too.


4 thoughts on “I realised that I’m stubborn-minded,

  1. Just Another Teenage Failure says:

    Yeah, I can be that way too. I guess I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so if something I’ve done isn’t brilliant, I find it really hard to admit!

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