To be honest,

I think every blog out there has something interesting to say, no matter what it is. Even if you only have a few followers, it doesn’t mean that you have a boring blog, but rather I believe that you just haven’t learnt yet the actual way to gain followers: reading other blogs. But that’s something I’ll focus on another time.

I follow what, a thousand blogs maybe? All on WordPress, some of them have only started while others have been going on for years (and half is probably inactive, I know because if they were active, my feed would be buzzing every minute). No, it’s actually not a lot of posts that I have to go through, surprisingly. Then again, I do go through posts quite quick.

But I’ve realised that most of the posts I go through are very interesting to me, and I almost always have something to say about it (I comment quite a lot). I might just have a really low standard, but I really don’t think so. I do believe that all blogs are really interesting.

So if you’re out there, wondering if you should stop because you feel like no one’s reading what you’re writing, then please don’t stop. You are interesting, so never stop writing.


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