Don’t become an adult.

#7: Write a compelling argument pushing the worst advice you’ve ever been given.

You know, there comes a time when a child fully grows into an adult, expected to carry the burdens of reality even when they aren’t fully prepared for it. This spells trouble, when you are crushed by the overwhelming expectations and have no tools against it.

So I say to you, don’t become an adult. There are absolutely no positives to become one, I say out of experience. As an adult, I have looked back so many times, jealousy has always overcome me whenever I see children and teenagers living a grand time, worry-free of bills and debt. I used to have those times, but only fleetingly as a child, and never again as an adult. I would never have the time again to playfully slide down in the playground, or to ride the swings vigorously.

But when I do, oh the stares! So much judgment from society! As a kid, you aren’t judged upon by your actions. Society would blame the mistakes on their parents (the adults), and believe that you were exempt from your mistakes because “You didn’t know any better”. You would never be able to excuse yourself so easily the moment you grow up, as if adults are suddenly meant to shed their childhood and bloom into an utterly boring human being (more like a robot, if you ask me). What joy does being an adult even bring?

It is so much easier not to become an adult, to retreat back into your childish features and never have anything to be expected of you ever again. Unfortunately, no such treatment currently exists, and all forms of ‘acting’ (reliving your childhood is never merely acting, I say) are condemned by the people around you. When it does, I will make sure to inform you, but for now, I strongly advise you to follow my lead and drop everything you’re doing.

Had a deadline due for tomorrow? Who cares! Need to have a meeting with your boss next week? Head to Hawaii instead! Be free of the shackles of responsibility, and live your life as you will it. There are far more advantages of living a free life, and if you think “Then who will do our work?” Don’t worry, there will always be someone else to do your work! But for the rest of your life, just sit back, relax, and don’t let any of your responsibilities bring you down into a boring shell of a human being. You deserve it.


7 thoughts on “Don’t become an adult.

  1. As much as i agree with you, its exciting for young adults like us who just started getting responsibilities. I recently started university which means i have to pay my own bills and manage my finances myself and i actually like it. Being an adult means your family actually listens to your opinions instead of dismissing you as a child. So i actually do like being an adult. And who says adults can’t have fun? Let them stare, who cares?

    Also i nominated you for this challenge:


  2. This made me laugh! 🙂 I feel like there are definitely times when dropping everything and running would be great, but I also like the independence of being an adult, the freedom of making my own choices. As worst advice, I definitely agree! However, that doesn’t mean you can’t listen to your inner child at times. Especially when it comes to ice cream for dinner. Or building blanket forts. Or having water pistol/balloon fights.


    • I definitely agree! I’m probably the biggest offender of being childish even though I’m an adult, but I don’t think I’ll ever just drop everything and run away lol


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