I think I have changed remarkably ever since I first started this blog and since the time I last updated my blog. I thought I may as well create a new about me page.

I’m Jane, currently an undergraduate student in Psychology. I no longer pursue criminal psychology, instead I feel that I should strive towards Human Resources instead because I like to lead and train others, and Psychology is a good step in that direction.

I say I love to swim, code, read and write, but I do none of these things anymore. At least, not much. I’m so caught up in the distractions of life that I find myself not doing what I love. My return to this blog is an attempt to return to the two hobbies I love most: reading and writing.

I have experienced loss and grief, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that it’s changed my life significantly, in my morals and in my relationships with others. I value my family so much more now, yet I have also become more paranoid that I may lose someone else that I care for deeply. I do not want pity (I abhor it),  but since it was a big part of my life, it will most certainly influence what I write here.

I am currently in another country to study, with no friends and family to aid me here. But I have made new friends here, some very close to me that they feel like a family away from home. I’m proud of myself, seeing how much I’ve grown since I came here, from a shy girl to a loud one. I’m happy of that.

In the future, I aim to start my own cafè, specifically a book cafè. Having written my entire life, I deeply appreciate places that I find so comfortable they could substitute as my second home, and these places I find are usually cafè or cosy restaurants. I wish to create that environment for others who are trying to find a cosy place to read or write, a home away from home.


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