I might start keeping a journal,

A bullet journal, specifically. I stumbled upon Design Planit and have become mightily inspired by the idea. I cruised around Instagram and other blogs to see what others have done, and I feel quite overwhelmed by the idea, actually. Considering how un-artistic I am, I feel a lot of pressure about decorating it. I also have bad handwriting, so there’s that too.

But this might be my only artistic outlet if I do decide to pursue it (though I should start soon since September’s already started), so I’ll have to find the perfect notebook and get a few watercolour pens/highlighters just to make it look a little bit colourful. It won’t be much, at least not as much as other bloggers have showed, but I’ll try to make it bearable to read, at least.

If I’m proud enough of what I’ve made, I’ll probably post it online on my Instagram (which I’ll post on here maybe sometime, I just haven’t because I haven’t used it in a year I think.) Either way, I’m excited to start! It sounds like a good way to keep on track, especially since I’ve started a few personal goals of my own this month.


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