When I came to University

I was completely alone. Everyone in my high school left to study abroad for university, but they all went to the US, the UK, or Australia: the “mainstream” countries. I was the only one in my school who came to the New Zealand. I had no friends here, save for one who’s at the opposite side of the country, and no family.

For someone who was socially awkward in high school and had quite low confidence in speaking, I was worried sick that I would be alone forever while I was in New Zealand. I kept chatting to my friends from high school instead of talking to people here, and they keep telling me that it’ll be alright, even though I took their words with a grain of salt.

Then one day, having had enough of being alone, I realised that this was a chance to start over. Start anew, no one knew who I was here. I could build myself up as an extroverted girl, rather than the shy one at the corner (which I absolutely hated being when I was in high school).

I was lucky that it had only been two weeks in, I still had plenty of time to build up my identity. It wasn’t easy, but I just faked as much confidence as I could. I tried my hardest not to show how I questioned myself with every word I said, but I kept up a smile still. 

It paid off, I had a wide circle of friends by the end of the first semester, and they are all very kind and supportive. Granted, it was tough to connect with them at first, but I persisted. I am so very glad I did now, I can imagine how depressed I would have been now if I had not gotten out of my shell, just like how I was back in high school.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you’re a freshman, just about to enroll into university and scared as fuck that you won’t have anyone, I’m pretty sure you will. Just never forget to work as hard as the other person is in finding someone or in maintaining the relationship.


4 thoughts on “When I came to University

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    I think everyone in some way is “scared as fuck” as all it takes is one person stepping up to initiate that connection. Glad you chose to be the one to take that first leap of faith.


    • There have been ups and downs, but so far, university is the best time of my life! There’s so many people here so I have a lot of friends, far more than I used to back at home, so I’m incredibly happy here! 🙂

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