I acted drunk to make friends,

Though I drank to socialise when I first came to university, and it was my first time drinking too. Yes, it’s bad if I took it too far and required alcohol on a daily basis, but I managed not too go overboard ave a few moments, and I don’t drink as frequently anymore. 

As a teenager, I was more curious as to what drunkenness was like and to give an excuse for my unfiltered thoughts. Truth be told, most times I wasn’t even as drunk as people thought I was, but merely acted drunk so that I could act like a drunkard and do funny shit. No, no one pressured me into doing so too, if you’re curious. It was all of my own accord.

A lot of people would probably shake their heads when reading this in their infinite wisdom. Yes, it’s not a healthy way to socialise, but it was helpful for me to build up confidence and take that first step towards healthy socialising. I was able to mask my own fears of being unable to socialise by completely releasing all of my inhibitions, and I found acting drunk helped me. Because if I fucked up while talking to someone, I could fall back on “Oh sorry, I’m drunk.”

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not advocating alcoholism for socialising too. A lot of my closest friends at university don’t drink, and once I was able to build up my confidence and learn how to socialise better, I was able to approach them better than I would have been able to.

So that’s how I approach life now: act tipsy when socialising, enough to say all of your thoughts but not too much to start a bar fight.


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