I think I need more books to read

I’m currently finishing off The Winds of Winter I meant Dance of Dragons actually, however considering how gargantuan it is, it will probably take me a while.

I’d like books to read after I do finish though. I know a lot of literary-minded people follow me, so I thought I could ask for help.

I do have a few preferences though. I’m a bit tired of lengthy books currently (courtesy of ASOIAF), so I’d prefer to step away from those and read normal length (200-500 words) books for now.

Please don’t recommend romance, unless they are truly not the average run-out-the-mill Harlequin novel. A bit iffy on young adult because a lot of them nowadays don’t have substance and are written purely for profit (looking at you I Am Number Four), but I recognise that a lot of good novels these days are categorised as young adult too, so if you feel like they’re phenomenal, then please do recommend them to me.

Other than that, everything’s pretty fair game. I’m open to any genre, I feel like it would be fun exploring new ones.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the help! 🙂


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