I find more pleasure

In reading other blogs now than my own. It may seem odd, but one I feel that many bloggers are lacking in.

A lot of people blog, but don’t see the importance of reading other blogs. It’s the same as an author who always writes, but never reads a book. You’re missing out on valuable gems of knowledge and inspiration if you decide reading other blogs is a waste of time, especially if you stick to one genre of blogs all the time.

Expand your mind, indulge in words that are the complete opposite of yours. Even though WordPress seems insignificant in the wider literary realm, it is also one of the hotspots of honest thoughts. Blogs are a way for someone to release everything in their hearts, so there is almost no other place to find raw humanity in than here.


4 thoughts on “I find more pleasure

  1. Heartafire says:

    I must admit dear Fluency that I am impatient with long narratives but sometimes I happen on the most intriguing texts and opinions on newly found blogs…it is worth it to search around for the good stuff.


  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    Part of the reason why my WordPress experience has been so wonderful is due to the connections I have made with other bloggers. You can only get that connection by reading and being a part of their experiences.

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