I’m breaking one of the taboos

By talking about religion, or at least my un-worship of one. That’s what they teach in service right, never talk to the customer about either politics or religion?

Growing up in the biggest muslim country in the world, raised in a catholic family and with mandatory religion classes all through until high school, I think I can say that I’m open-minded to other people’s beliefs. Yet even after living in a religious hotspot, I still do not worship a God/Gods. I mean, I’m agnostic in the way that there is probably something out there but we don’t know what it is, but I just don’t worship/fear that mysterious being.

You’d think that loss would have me appreciate religion more, or less. But it hasn’t, I’ve only become indifferent to it.

I understand the importance of religion for some though. One of the first things I told my mum when I lost my brother was that she should never lose her faith in God. Even if I didn’t worship God myself, I knew that prayer would be her strength.

And it was, it still is. Yet prayer couldn’t reach me, instead I would cry for the full hour when I went to a mass at church, and had to excuse myself so I would not trouble the others.

I fell into deep depression afterwards, I managed (and still am managing) to get back up. Yet religion never crossed my mind to find solace. Well, truth be told, it has, but not in a good way. Most people told us my brother is in a better place now, happier. So I thought to myself, “Then if I wanted to be happy too, I should follow him into Heaven.”

Yeah, religion’s probably not right for me. Never has been, probably never will be. But I guess no one can figure out the future.


One thought on “I’m breaking one of the taboos

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    I have to admit my life makes more sense when I apply logic (and common sense) as opposed to trusting religious rhetoric and hysteria.


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