Before you call me a hater,

Let me just say that I’ve used an Apple laptop (Macbook white for the first three, 2011 Macbook Air for the latter) for five years until 2014, before I switched over to a Samsung laptop.

I have not regretted my decision since then. My Samsung laptop is considered on the high end of its line (costed around $1400), but it reacts quickly, can load up a lot of apps at once, very slim (I compared it with the Macbook Air and my laptop felt lighter, even though the Samsung laptop was two inches larger), has an SD card slot + free dongle from Samsung. It was essentially everything I wanted and more, but I did love my Macbook and my current laptop equally.

Of course, there are several advantages and disadvantages from both Microsoft and Apple, but the new Macbook unveiled to the public was just a new low. Seriously, one USB port? You had to force your own customers to make an extension for it?

Yes, the new Macbook looks sleeker, yes, it may be updated, but there are just some lines that you shouldn’t cross as a business. I’m sorry, but after Steve Jobs’ death, it seems Apple is only beginning to get worse and worse, and I personally hate seeing that.


16 thoughts on “Before you call me a hater,

  1. I’ve got a macbook pro and I love it, but I also have a surface pro and my phone is an andriod. I don’t understand why people always ask me whether I’m apple or andriod, why can’t I be both! Personally I use every device for different purposes and all of my devices are very well suited to their various jobs 🙂

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    • That was me too a few years ago (my phone has been, is, and will always be android), I loved both Apple & Android equally. But now with this, it’s getting hard for me to love Apple the way I used to unfortunately 😦

      What you said is true though, I know my friends say that Apple is best for art and music processing, but sometimes the money-grabbing technique can be a bit too much though, you get what I mean?


  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    I am simply practical. I can afford a PC, so that is what I have. However my company has seen fit to issue me a MacBook Air, so I mainly use it for my blog (easier to type in my sofa with it on my lap). I could care less about the name and more about the practical functionality.

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      • Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

        I work in a PC dominated environment, so technically I am more comfortable with Windows. However I have grown to appreciate certain atheistics that come with Apple products.

        Still when I choose to spend my money, I still find greater value with Windows and Android based products.

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