What do I fear?

Everything, but at the same time,

Kind of weird, isn’t it? You cannot have ‘nothing’ and ‘everything’ at the same time, it can’t exist. A juxtaposition, you might say. True, so think about it like this:

If a car were to crash into the lobby and hit you, you’d die; if an earthquake cracks open the ceiling on you, you’d die; if you choke on your favourite apple, you’d die.

Essentially, anything can happen, and everything can kill you. Even your close friends: what if they accidentally bump into you and you fall, face-first, into a pile of rocks? A very shitty way to die, but entirely plausible. You could die at any given second. It’s a fact, isn’t it?

And if you die, you become nothing, won’t you? Perhaps not immediately, but eventually. Sure, your friends and family will remember you after you pass, but what will happen when they die? Nobody will remember you once generations change, let alone talk about you. Unless you’re incredibly famous like Napoleon or Shakespeare.

But let’s face it: Are we?

Hopefully, perhaps not now, but perhaps in ten years time. Or twenty.

So for now, here’s to all the living people. May we all not die in the next hour.


26 thoughts on “What do I fear?

  1. Just think, we’ll all be dead in a hundred years, give or take a month or two. Thanks for following Humorous Interludes.I am humbled and delighted. 🙂


  2. Hi Fluency…thanks for following my blog… Your fear piece made me smile… and be thank full for each day Blessings to you and good luck with your schooling…my background is hospice nursing Peace, Jeane

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