Christmas Gift #7

Instead of making my dad’s present, I decided to take a break and make the Christmas cards instead. I followed this to make them, but I did make a variety of substitutions.

For one, the cards are a much lighter shade of blue, mainly because I couldn’t find a darker shade, which would have made it so much better. That and I’ve replaced the cotton yarn with white thread, since the yarn I have is way too big. There’s not much difference and I’m still satisfied with the result, to be honest.


I’ve only made two so far and I haven’t placed the black paper insert yet. The paper to the left is the dot template I’ve been using so I don’t have to measure it over and over again, finally I found some use for my essay from last year.


7 thoughts on “Christmas Gift #7

  1. Hi there, I just wanted to congratulate you on your awesome cards. I’m so pleased you were able to loosely follow the instructions on my blog and liked the idea! Thanks so much for the trackback, and hope your cards were appreciated by all recipients, Shelley x


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