I was pretty amazed when I received two awards — all within a week of each other! I received the Liebster Award from A Space Within and Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award from Akosirima. At first, I was going to accept the both of them, but then I realized that I wouldn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I am pleasantly surprised and flattered to know that someone out there thinks that I write moderately enough for an non-existent recognition. Yes, just to put it out there and for any confused blogger, it is an award with no judges, but just given to blogs that other bloggers like. It’s not a bad thing, honestly, I mean I understand the good intention behind it, and I do sincerely appreciate the thought.

In a way, I do accept the nominations? Kinda? Ish? I mean, I’m not going to follow any of the rules, truth be told. Mainly because I feel the nominations should be given to other bloggers instead, who need the recognition more than I do. I’m not saying that awards are shit, they’re not, but interaction from other bloggers mean more to me than awards do. Others may not get that. An award, or even a simple comment, will show “look, I love reading your blog no matter how small it is right now, so keep going and don’t stop.”

But since people have nominated me already, I’ll do a ‘ten facts about me’, mostly because some of the questions don’t seem really fun to me (haha sorry).

  1. I say that I code, but honestly, I haven’t done much. I’ve coded a shitty website for a project in IT class during 12th grade (which I may talk about sometime soon if I can re-open the website), and a few ‘templates’ for forum websites, but other than that, not much else.
  2. For all 18 years of my life, I’ve only worn make-up twice. Once for my cousin’s wedding, once for my senior prom. I may or may not start wearing make-up more frequently once I start university haha
  3. I took this age test and I’m apparently 5 years older? Huh, I really thought I would get older hahaha But I’m glad I didn’t, means I’m still young and hip :b
  4. I have a driver’s license but my dad won’t allow me to drive. My family does have a car available for me to use, but he still won’t let me drive.
  5. My all-time favorite book is not Harry Potter, not The Hunger Games, but actually a children’s book titled The Trumpet of the Swan.
  6. Rather than watching a movie, I would much rather go on Wikipedia to read its entire plot. I’m only interested in what happens than watching special effects.
  7. I have a huge inner child, if you can’t tell. I love playing old games and childish activities to feel nostalgic, and I have a lot of fun doing it too.
  8. I would say that I am mature overall, but I have a really, really dirty mind. Dirty jokes are the best kind of jokes.
  9. I hold a high appreciation of the arts; web design, music and visual arts especially. However, I am shitty in all aspects of art, for some reason.
  10. I am ridiculously gullible, which I am trying to improve on, mind. But for now, I would believe it if someone told me they saw a UFO.

3 thoughts on “Awards

  1. Hey it’s ok. 😀 I enjoyed the facts about you. 😀 Thank you for appreciating what I did. I do hope you know before I nominated you that I do like your wonderful blog. I did the age test too and I am a few years older than my age today. By being ridiculously gullible I am your girl. To be honest I didn’t know that word until I looked it up because someone told me I am in face VERY gullible. As if being gullible is not enough to describe me she used VERY too. 😀 I am I guess. I accepted that already. I just hope I wont get in trouble because of this. Some say it shows some kind of innocence in someone but then I do not think innocence and me should be in the same sentence lol. I do like dirty jokes too but sometimes you need to tell me it is a joke. I am kind of slow. 😀

    Again thank you. Good luck and have fun. I hope you finish your Christmas presents for everyone. For me this is a nice present already. thank you.

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  2. Wow, sorry I took so long to get back to you on this 😦
    But of course, you do things your way, and that’s perfectly fine 😀 Interactions are of course the #1 goal when blogging! I wish I had more time on my hand to follow through daily though..
    Well, “rules” not followed, but you’ve provided an interesting set of facts! You can give me a high high-five on the anti make-up 😛 and 5 years isn’t bad, I happened to be 63 on an age test lol. It was.. shocking :/ I haven’t checked out this test though, I’ll try it in a bit.. see how accurate it is! (Hopefully more than that last one..)


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