“I don’t have a role model.”

Would it be a bit weird for me to say that?

Yet it’s true, completely true, in fact. I really don’t have a role model ever since I was a little kid. If someone were to ask me, “Who’s your role model?” I can’t answer. That or I would be forced to say the most cliche answer, “My parents.” Which, to be honest, isn’t quite true either.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, they’re great people. A lot of the role model-esque type of person are good people: that lady who has a talk show, that famous basketballer, the short footballer, that one guy who rose from zero-to-hero. They are amazing people with nothing short of talents and good qualities, but I can’t say, “I want to be them.”

I’ve never truly understood why this is, but after thinking about it some time earlier, I think I finally realized why. Perhaps it’s because everyone has their own negative qualities, because we’re human, and I feel like if I aim with a role model in mind, I’m also aspiring to gain those negative qualities.

That’s why, when I set a goal or aspire for the future, I don’t look to someone else. Instead, I look to my ideal future self, hopefully a better version of myself. A version of myself who’s shed her negative qualities and increased in positive ones.

Oh man, I think I’ve just gotten extremely narcissistic ahaha


18 thoughts on ““I don’t have a role model.”

    • Ahaha! Well, might want to get her checked :b But nah in all seriousness, I think anyone can be a role model as long as they’re kind and works towards their goals, in my personal opinion.


  1. As a child I didn’t have one too, so it’s not weird. To say the truth there isn’t any even now, but I do people that inspire me and motivate me to push myself and believe in myself, but there isn’t someone I just want to be him/her.


  2. Nice and honest post.:-) We are all human so none of us are perfect, being a good role-model is not about being perfect because no-one can live up to that. I think it’s more important to have people that inspire you or look up to, you don’t have to have a role model, but as long as you have someone or people who inspire you to be better, strive for better I think that’s a good thing. So I hope you have that. x


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