Fun fact about me,

I have a playlist on my iTunes named ‘Blood Stirling’. The reason why is because I am obsessed with both Royal Blood and Lindsey Stirling, and to make it easier for me, I combined both of their songs into one playlist, and their names.

Both vastly different, but both excellent musicians.

After a week, I also added in Arctic Monkeys. It’s now called ‘Arctic Blood Stirling’. Just thought you guys might want to know, especially if you’re looking for music to listen to.


4 thoughts on “Fun fact about me,

    • I don’t know about complimenting Lindsey because one is rock and the other is dubsteb violin, but they’re both great :b And thanks! Proud of the title ahaha Also, I recommend listening to Ten Tonne Skeleton and Better Strangers from Royal Blood if you’re in a hurry, they’re my top two favorite songs.


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