“Making the world a better place.”

See, I’ve never followed much of that statement before, especially as a blogger. If you’re wondering why I said ‘blogger’ instead of anything else, you may remember that I ranted about how someone complained they were receiving no views. Like any ol’ blogger, they responded to my reply. Honestly, I was shocked by the response. Of course they didn’t agree to what I said, I expected they wouldn’t, but they said something else that I couldn’t quite fathom.

Paraphrased to conceal the blogger’s identity, they said, “I am a special diamond that is hiding under a ton of coal that nobody sees, an endless source of wisdom. Also you post on unimportant subjects and I don’t do that because I choose to post on even more important topics that will affect people to a greater degree.”

Wait, what the fuck?

My initial reaction was that this person is a narcissistic bitch. Which, honestly after dealing with her, probably isn’t wrong. After posting a final reply in response, I left her be. But after some time, I began to ponder on the second paragraph. Should I also post on important and global issues too, or motivational speeches thrown in as well?

Then I realized something, I realized that it was almost impossible for a blogger to ‘make the world a better place’, unless you’re a sunshine and rainbows type of blog.

You are not going to make the world a better place if you sit on your ass and write poetry all day, actually fucking go out and volunteer. Teach underprivileged kids, donate to charity, whatever. But writing on a blog will not magically make the sun rise every single day for someone else.

Unlike the person who I replied to, my goal with this blog is not to affect another’s life. Humans usually live to an average of, say, 80 years old. That’s not a lot, especially considering that anyone could die in the next second. Also, it’s a blog. It’s meant to be an online journal and to chronicle my life, not to become an online philanthropist.

No, I’m here to write about whatever crosses my mind. And hey, if someone’s lucky, they might go away taking some form of meaning from what I write.


25 thoughts on ““Making the world a better place.”

  1. You arer so right. You need to write about what you want to write, nothing else. I had once in my past, lol a writing blog but I also posted gaming and geeky stuff. I recived some mean comments why I changed posts themes (writing, gaming, geeky and quotes). Now, I said in my first post that I will write about what I want and whenever I want, lol. That is what I’ve learned the most… Write about things you want to share.

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  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    First and foremost, you should always blog for yourself.

    I think it is possible to have a blog that is ‘helpful’ in the sense that you can connect with others with similar life issues, share stories and perhaps give some insight/support. However if you truly want to make a difference, then the computer needs to be shut off and some effort has to be put into the real world.

    You just need to keep on doing what you are doing.

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    • Yes, exactly, and that’s the principle that I have with my blog. I was just a bit surprised, to be honest, that anyone would imply that they can make a difference through blogging. Through poems, no less! Maybe it’s because you can’t read the original comment, but it really raised my eyebrow haha :b

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        • My friend said the exact same thing, but I highly doubt it. The person posted poetry and other posts like crazy for a year… She also denied two blog awards over the course of the year because of her principles she stated in her comments, so I think she’s just one of a kind. No troll would be so commited :b

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  3. Ouch, that must have been an annoying correspondence! What irritates me, and it looks like it’s what got to you too, is the arrogance and righteousness some people seem to adopt when posting on important issues. We all know the world can be a horrible place, but even if we wanted to, bombarding people with those horrors can do more harm than good. Especially if done in an “I’m a special diamond and you’re coal” way. =p


  4. datinggirlinflorida says:

    Blogging should be about expressing yourself and what YOU want to talk about. What a blogger writes about is their opinion. Either appreciate their creativity and willingness to share, or move on. No need for negativity in the blogging world.
    I had a situation where I helped out someone from my blog, and it was a great feeling.
    Keep on doing what you do Fluency, and writing about what you want to write about!

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  5. May Desert Flower says:

    Blogs can be what you make them… What crosses your mind, your thoughts, your feelings, a form of self-therapy…
    You Do it for you, right? Many relate, and others don’t
    As long as you’re writing what matters to you, that’s the key… At least that’s what I think
    Don’t worry about haters, or dislikes 😊

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  6. Okay, I thought I’d just leave it, but I gotta respond. This morning I read about 10 of your posts, and they made me giggle, like a serious giggle. Which was kind of a problem, since I was in a so called silent-train-part (like a silent disco, only people will stare at you while trying to tell you with their eyes that they might want to hurt you, very gezellig) – fun Dutch thing, I suppose – and my giggles would not have been appreciated. But then I came across this one, and I thought: well, you made me giggle, which is like really healthy with all the happy hormones rushing through my body, so you are like making people feel good, which is making the world a better place, right?

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    • Awwwwww thanks for reading my posts 🙂 I am glad that my posts can make you giggle, honestly, that was way out of my expectations ahaha And well, if you look at it that way, you are right. Here’s to hoping many more people will giggle at my posts :b

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  7. My best friend once said something similar when I was writing, saying that I only really wrote well when I wrote for myself, and I think that Fluency just goes on to provide proof that writing for yourself can create some quality writing.

    But anyways, I do think that there are different ways, and no one way to define importance, and I’m sure that the writing here is important to you and others. So you are writing what’s important, and good on you for doing it.

    I see people who do amazing things, who “volunteer” the way you say (like this guy named Markiplier… Please don’t look down at me for using a YouTuber as an example), and I guess my wish is to one day be a writer who’s good enough to make a difference. And I look at other bloggers and remind myself that compared to them, I still have a looong way to go.

    Not really sure where I’m going here, I just wanted to throw in my two cents, and to let you know this post stood out to me. Thanks for listening!


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