Do not get your wisdom teeth pulled

Trust me, it’s shitty.

No I did not get high on anaesthesia, half of my mouth is just numb as fuck.


17 thoughts on “Do not get your wisdom teeth pulled

      • 🙂 Hold on dear. Try to get some painkillers.
        See, when i got mine, my doc wanted me to get it removed. But by the time i consulted him, the pain is almost gone. So I said, no thank you and left. No problem ever since and i guess i will follow the same when the other one(WT!) visits me.
        Take care.


        • Thank you 🙂 The problem with mine is that there was no pain, but I’m going overseas to study in one month and if the pain starts then, the dentistry fees would be much higher, so we decided to just get it removed now. At least I got it over with haha :b


  1. Try advil…and lying on your belly with your face in like paper towels or something to catch the blood.. I hated the blood, so I refused to swallow XD.

    Btw, did the dentist like attack your face when he pulled your teeth. Mine did.. however it happened so fast so I was like “:O?? :O! >.<!! O_O is that my tooth???"

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    • We don’t have advil here but the dentist did give me painkillers. And ish? My wisdom teeth grew a bit already so he had to drill it and chop it in half before he could take the rest out. It didn’t hurt because of the anaesthesia, just sounded horrible lol


  2. Time Is No Enemy says:

    Getting your wisdom teeth removed is the worst. I was lucky enough to have the anesthesia, but I had an allergic reaction to the Vicodin they prescribed and got sick for over 12 hours so it prolonged my recovery. I always tell people never to get them removed unless absolutely necessary and then they do and are eating steak within two days. I couldn’t even eat pizza a week and a half later.

    But I sincerely hope that you have a good recovery time and after the pain, it isn’t too bad. Did they give you a prescription?

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