Christmas Gift #5

WIN_20141212_181242I finally finished the angry bird! It actually wouldn’t take so long if I hadn’t jumped around projects. So after I sewed the parts together (yes I sewed in a tail and a strap), I stuffed it with dacron. It is really, really fun to stuff it with dacron, for some reason. Best part of making the doll.


On a side note, this is the amount of dacron I have. Yes, this is a fuckload, but I also have a good reason. It’s really hard to find a good place that is close to my house that sells felt and dacron, so I had to go to an online store. I had no fucking idea how big it all is, so I just estimated. My estimate is wrong, if you can’t tell.


But this is the finished product of the angry bird, finally! It’s a good try for a first doll, I have to say, and I’m really satisfied with the result. I mean yes, it is a bit sloppy with the handiwork, but it turned out pretty well, in my opinion. Also, it is far cuter than I thought it would have been. If it wasn’t for a present, I would have kept it for myself.

I’m going to take a break for now before I start on the next felt doll, good night everyone 🙂


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