The last people I want

To know about my blog are my parents. Why? Easy.

  1. They forbid me from cursing. Ahahaha, ahaha, yeah…
  2. They’re religious as fuck. It doesn’t help when my ideology is “I don’t give a shit about God.”
  3. This thing is filled with my hidden thoughts, and I’m really secretive in real life so it would bother me greatly if they read through my blog.
  4. I sometimes write on questionable topics. I don’t know if my viewpoint is ‘wrong’ on society’s moral compass, but just writing about it might make them think something’s wrong with me.
  5. I don’t want to be praised. Okay, this is probably a weird thing with me. I like being praised by people except my family. I guess I get embarrassed? IDK.

There are probably a lot more reasons that don’t really come to mind right now, but basically, I would rather show this blog to my friends rather than my parents. The last thing I want is to be questioned or praised by them, honestly.


45 thoughts on “The last people I want

  1. Interesting point of view. I’m not your parent so I can like your stuff, but then who would want their parents to read their diary let alone their blog? you are a bit weird by the way, but people have been telling me that for years. Ignore the buggers. Keep writing 😉

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    • That is true, though the topic only came up to me because my parents found out that the president of my country had a kid (around my age) and the kid had a blog, so they asked if I had one and to let me share it with them.

      Ha, weird is different, and like I said before, everyone’s a bit fucked up in the head :b Thanks and you too!


  2. my mom knows I’m nuts, so I’m cool with her reading my stuff. I’d hate for my dad to see my stuff though. he died though. But I know what you mean with the praise stuff like, the authenticity of praise always bugs me. sorry I’m rambling

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  3. Hi Jane… if that is indeed your real name… since you’re ‘really secretive in real life’… You should not be embarrassed no matter who reads your blog. So what if you say a few words that some people don’t like. I don’t think I’ve ever run across anyone that doesn’t. I can only speak from the stand point of being a parent, but I’d much rather you be blogging in the comfort of your home instead of out getting into trouble or getting hurt by someone else. Keep bloggin’ girl…

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  4. My parents learned from me at an early age that I had no interest in their religion (catholics). It helps that they never tried to push religion from the beginning. Hopefully one day your parents will budge and understand your view. Understanding you doesn’t mean that they have to agree with you 🙂

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  5. Only family members I’ve told are stepmum & kids, haven’t told my partner of over 20yrs as he doesn’t really believe in blogging!! Not told my mum as can’t be bothered explaining it to her, if there’s no financial gain what’s the point, in her mind. My eldest refuses to be FB friends with us… What’s she up to hahaha plus I have no idea where I’m taking my blog yet do explaining that is pointless to most family members:)

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    • I don’t… Truly understand how one can believe in blogging, but I digress :b And I can’t blame your kid, I refuse to be FB friends with my parents too ahaha And I see, that is a pretty good reason, though I hope your kids can learn from your blog too!


  6. I can relate so strongly with point 5… So I don’t think you’re weird, I also blog ‘in secret’ as far as my family is concerned. For me, it’s because I need honest feedback as a newcomer to blogging and that “parental praise” just wouldn’t do it.


  7. I used to hate the idea of anyone other than strangers reading my blog but I don’t say anything bad on it so if anyone I knew read it, it wouldn’t be so bad. It’d be cringey, and I’d feel uncomfortable but as long as I didn’t know they were reading it, I’m okay.

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