Christmas Gift #4

Yes, I’ve finally done it, I’ve finally finished the garland! I measured it around 14 cm between each pom pom, tied them all up, and then sewed it in for an extra safety measure. It looks a bit less clean now, since you can see the threads, but I’m personally satisfied with how it looks.

wpid-wp-1418262343899.jpgWait a minute. Ahhh shit, it’s off centered. Oh well, I only realized it once I took a picture, it would fuck up everything if I had to redo it. More or less, it looks pretty good so far.


Oh right, I never did say how I’m going to put this thing up. Well, I’ve decided to just tie up the ends of the braids and then loop it around so there are two ‘loops’ at the ends of the garland. Then I’ve bought small hooks that can be attached to a wall or a table. … Which I have now lost, so I will take a picture when I find them/buy a new one.

Now that’s done, I finally got back to the red felt ball thing, now with maximum focus. I’ve showed this in a previous post before, in its very early stages, but now I’ve added an extra part, eyes, a wing, and a beak, so it looks more like a bird.

An Angry Bird, in fact, I’m making this gift for my aunt. Hopefully I’ll be done by tomorrow, just need to attach this part to the main body, fill it up and form it, then sew it up. Oh right, I made the felt ball from this tutorial. It’s not for a doll, but it works, at least.


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