Christmas Gift #3

I didn’t post last time because I forgot. Now I’m posting progress.

I didn’t get too far because I was busy until night time during Saturday and Sunday either, but the garland is finished now. It was actually really quick to finish it than I thought, I did finally braid the two braids into a garland, so now it looks like this. For extra security, I decided to sew it in so that it won’t ‘twist out’.


In the end, the most trouble I had with were with the pom poms. They’re ridiculously easy to fall off, because they’re tied down in the middle and if you accidentally take it out, you’re taking out one of its ‘fur’. Plus you can see down the middle, so it looks horrible if you look at it from the side.


Fortunately, I finally figured out how to hide it, and that’s mostly to tie it down the middle as tight as fucking possible. Unfortunately, I found that out far too late, so two of my pom poms had its sides horrible. But since I tied the sides to the garland, it wasn’t visible.


This is my best pom pom when I finally figured out the secret. You can tell because you can’t see the sides and it’s manicured well too. So then I tied all the pom poms and then sewed them in too.

I’m almost finished with the garland, but not tonight. I will be finished tomorrow, so keep an eye out 🙂


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