Re: No readers.

Similar to other Re: posts, this is posted as a reply to a post. I’m not going to link them out of privacy (unless they insist on it), but for context: it was a post about a blog receiving no readers no matter how much work they placed in for their poetry and posts. I probably got too worked up for this, though. I’m posting this here for anyone who’s thinking similarly to said blog. Hopefully it helps.

I don’t understand the sort of ‘compromised and corrupted’ stats that you talk about. No one is ‘hacking’ into your site, no one would have a purpose in doing so anyways. I’ve read your whole post, but as someone who gained six hundred followers and commentors in a month through pure hard work, you can either take my advice or leave it. Everything I’m going to say is the harsh truth.

Do you understand that as a poetry blog in WordPress, you hold 1 in 1,000+ chance of being read? Yes, there is a lot of poetry blogs out there because there is a fuckload of angsty and bored people. Let’s not even talk about all the humor blogs in here. You may think that your poetry is a magnificent work of art or your sense of humor is great, but even so, you won’t get anywhere because there is so much more competition. It’s not about the unorthodox topics of your poem; controversial topics attract people like moths. Hell, I’m a shitty poet and I sometimes do the same, but a ton of people still read, ‘like’, and comment on my work. Why?

Because I connect with other people, I went on my Reader and looked through other blogs, then I actually read, ‘like’, and comment on their posts. If I really like what they write, I follow them. If you show that you’re interested in them, then they will be interested in you. Even if 300 people subscribed to your work, they may hold the same principles as you and would rather write on their blog than read your blog, unless you show that you’re willing to read their work, then they will read yours.

You can’t sit there and write poetry, but then suddenly expect people to pop out of nowhere to read your blog. It doesn’t work like that. You have to make the first move to visit another’s blog before you can expect someone to visit yours.

Yes, over a period of a month, I have read and commented on around 500 blogs, but because of that, 500 people began to read my work. It definitely takes time, and you’re going to have to divide your time between writing poetry and visiting other blogs, but you will see a huge improvement in the number of readers and commentors. Trust me, my blog is the perfect example of it.

Again, take this or leave it. You’ve repeatedly said that you don’t care about views or any of the sort after skimming through your blog and your About page, but with this post, I really doubt it. So if you really want people to read your work, you have to read their work first. It’s up to you.


38 thoughts on “Re: No readers.

  1. I agree with you, it does take determination and perseverance to build your blog and share viewspoints it’s important to demonstrate interest and appreciate other peoples time and efforts for the benefit of us. After all is that not the point of blogging? I don’t know who you were referring to but I hope they took heed of your message. x

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    • There’s actually a lot of blogs who feel that they don’t get the number of views that they “deserve”, so this is for all of those who feel that way hahaha But yes, I totally agree with you 🙂


  2. Great post. The points raised apply across most other things as well. Reminds me a lot of what I hear from different musicians when promoting their own music. With the internet there has been a shift where the ‘creator’ and ‘consumer’ boundary has been blurred. Generally people want meaningful engagement.

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    • I think it happens to anyone who is marketing a product but doesn’t know a thing about marketing (myself included but I don’t have a product), so yeah, you’re absolutely right. A blog isn’t usually thought of as a main source of income, but I pity those who give up their day job to work on a project with absolutely no idea how to market it. Unless they’re lucky, it’d fall flat because no one knows about their work 😦


    • It definitely takes time you’re not used to giving out at first, but you’d also benefit from a whole lot of knowledge as well. Even if you’re not actually looking for followers, I’d recommend going through the Reader because so many things there can be inspirational 🙂


  3. You made very good points here and I feel like I can apply this to my own blog! Sometimes it’s tedious to through hundreds of blogs and posts but if we don’t take the time, who will take take the time for us in return lol

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