It Throws Me Off

When I see blogs with their ‘like’ or ‘comment’ features disabled.

I like to scroll down posts a lot in my Reader, and usually, I like what I see. My finger would automatically point to the ‘like’ (or even better) the ‘comment’ button. But if it’s gone, I get uncomfortable, and then just confused.
I mean, why would you disable it? The ‘like’ button is there for your readers to show their appreciation for a good read, and they can come back to the post in their Reader since they ‘liked’ it. It also shows what your readers like to read most, so it shows what your strength is in too.

And the ‘comments’ section… Holy shit aren’t comments the reason why blogs are created in the first place? So that you can gain interaction and feedback from your readers? If you disabled comments, might as well just write in a fucking diary instead.


14 thoughts on “It Throws Me Off

  1. marcus says:

    Brilliant (((awhoooo)))
    I’m guilty of that. I sometimes turn off when I’m in a bad mood, still write but can’t deal with responding, I know, it’s sad.
    I think it’s a checking out mechanism but not leaving.
    Still, love you shared your thoughts. Very cool. pppp

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  2. Aw lol so you can turn it off? Lol I am really confused all the time when I want to comment and then I’m lost . lol I thought my phone was malfunctioning again. XD I am kind of new. 🙂 But yeah it gets very confusing and I felt uncomfortable afterwards. LOL


  3. I came across a blog with the “no like” and “no comment” section for the first time this past week actually. I thought I was having a seriously dim moment and just couldn’t find the like button or comments section. It made no sense to me as to why they wouldn’t have either one. I can see perhaps why they might not have wanted the comments section open…perhaps they didn’t want to deal with rude people or having to deal with personal questions (the blog entry had to do with a family gathering), but to disable both made no sense to me. But to each their own I guess.

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    • Yeah, to each their own. But I do find it interesting for people with the, “I disabled comments because they’re rude,” mentality. WordPress is actually a really ‘nice’ site because users need to approve commenters (at first) before they can comment, and after that you can delete comments like they never existed. So to me it just seems like they just don’t care at all about their readers, and don’t really get what a blog is about, but that’s just me.

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  4. I think the like button is good feedback, though I know some people like just to say I looked at this, which is ok. Some people set up a blog to store their writing. I know a number of people who do this. Yeah, it’s good to see those “likes”, it helps. thank you.

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