Music Reviews

Never really got them, to be honest. I mean, similarly to art, it’s different for every person, isn’t it? Some people may not like the same ones because they don’t like the genre, and if that’s the reason, are they qualified to give a music review for said genre? What if they do anyways and are sourced as credible reviews for it?

I can give 0/5 stars for boy bands like One Direction and Justin Bieber because I believe their lyrics and music are shitty, but half of the teenage girl population love and adore them.

Maybe it is just about opinion, but hey, maybe my generation is just getting stupider. IDK.


4 thoughts on “Music Reviews

  1. Imo, the real question is: where do music review qualifications come from in the first place. Most music that gets good reviews I wouldn’t listen to. Same goes for books. Instead of “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” it should be “Don’t judge a book by its BLURB.”

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    • That’s true, though book reviews I give credit because you can actually see whether the plot is good, or if the characters are developed, etc. Some book reviews are usually spot on but music, I find, isn’t as long as a book and thus aren’t usually reviewed as deeply as a book. If so, then it just really comes down to genre choices. But that’s how I see it, at least.

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  2. Don’t trust the numerical rating (4/5 stars) for example, but trust the content being written about the music IF YOU TRUST the reviewer’s taste. The trick is finding someone whose taste matches yours. When you do, it;s a magical thing, anything they recommend is usually GOLD.

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