I’d say I don’t read long posts,

And I think I speak for a lot of people here. Not most (I think), but just a fair number of people.

I’ve published a few long posts, both either short story or blog post. These have received considerably less views compared to my poems and shorter blog posts. It’s all a bit confusing to me because short stories are supposed to be my strong suit, not the other way around.

So basically I figured out that a lot of people are probably too lazy to read long posts. Not saying it’s bad, but I am an offender of this too, I skip reading posts worth a thousand words. (I’m also not writing this to make people read my long posts, but it is fact after looking at the stats.)

Is it bad that people now are more reluctant to read long posts? Perhaps, but then again, there are those who write unnecessarily long for a sort-of pride, “Look I can write a lot, I’m a great writer now!” Not going to lie, but I did carry this mentality for a while before I realized that it was more harm than good.

But it is a shame to know that a few detailed reports are being ignored. My posts may not be gems, but perhaps so many others are, and I’m missing out. I guess sometimes, we just kind of have to step out of our comfort zones.


23 thoughts on “I’d say I don’t read long posts,

  1. There is definitely a fine line in writing a long post, or an overly “intellectual” post. I would write for the sake of writing and the information. But, that said, it is sure easier to post something shorter 🙂 Seems like many bloggers are fast readers and good skimmers. Maybe we need a new class in writing techniques for hitting the highlights 🙂

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    • We do, and unfortunately, it seems a lot of people write overly “intellectual” posts. I write for the sake of writing as well, but if it could be kept short and still captures the meaning as well as the long one, then the short version would definitely be better. Here’s to hoping to that new class! 🙂

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  2. For me it’s not a matter of not being interested, rather it is a matter of time constraints. I make an honest attempt to read every post on my Reader (every blog I follow). I cannot expect people to read my posts if I don’t actively read and interact with them on their blogs. However, because there are so many, especially in November with many participating in NaBloPoMo, I do tend to skip over the ones that are over 1,500 words.

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    • I feel you, I used to think that people are way too inactive with their blogs until I became bombarded by them. I won’t lie and say that the WordPress app for my phone is perfect, it actually deters me from reading a lot of posts on my Reader, unfortunately. So I tend to skip a lot too 😦


  3. I look at long posts, same as books, need to grab my attention. Secondly, time, with a baby hanging on to the legs, it is tough to read a long post, or more than one or two. Thirdly due to 2 and to be fair to bloggers I follow, I sometimes have to skip them in order to get to as many as possible. A photo here and there to break the paragraphs and make it more stimulating keeps me longer as well.

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  4. I do the same thing, but I don’t like the fact that I do it. I want to read long posts, but somehow I feel as though I don’t have time, so I try to skip through them. That being said, I seem to be able to stick with a long post if there are lots of photos to break up the text. No idea why!

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  5. Just keep at it. Write for yourself, be it long or short. What you can do is look for other outlets for your longer writing, such as short story compilation websites… or websites where people EXPECT long reading, such as Medium.com (perhaps cross-post there and say “originally published on FluencyOfWords.wordpress.com”?)

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    • I will! Hm… Perhaps. IDK, I’m not a thousand-word long writer, usually 500 words at most. Really, I only write long if I have this internal pressure and expectation to do so, but then I realized not to give a fuck aha :b


  6. I do have long posts but I don’t stop because of word counts. I stop when what I want to say is finished. Or should I say what I want to share? Just saying. Some times I write long some times I write short ones but it all depends on what I am writing about. I do read long posts and I enjoy them 😀

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