Dancing pt. 2

Heavily inspired by Streets Fell Into My Window – The Red Paintings

For Dancing pt. 1, click here.

For all those wondering, no I did not base it on myself. My mind is not that fucked, thank you.

To dance is my life.

Oh dear brother, what is this that I feel?
A raging dance in the inner walls of my breasts,
something I have never felt before.
Your calm eyes stare at my fluid body,
and it only goes faster.
Oh dear brother, do you know the insides of my heart?
The sash of scarlet that sways to the rhythm and melody it is dictated by?
I wish that you would know me to the very core of my being.
To touch, to feel, to understand.
To control the movements of my heart.
Oh dear brother, I admire your sight,
that focused gaze that would cause any woman to drop to their knees,
yet at the same time they would dance endlessly for you.
I have resisted for so long from the torture
of those innocent eyes of yours.
But I know that it must not be,
for you stare at me with siblingly love,
a platonic love that knows no bounds.
Oh dear brother, I’ve caught you stealing glances at me,
calm, childish eyes filled with undeniable lust,
searching through my clothes and sensuous movements.
The sash in my bosom twists and turns into a pirouette but I know,
it cannot be.
Oh father, mother,
brother how would they be able to forgive us,
if we pursued this forbidden love?
Oh dear brother, I must avert my gaze.
This sin of ours we must leave I know,
yet I have promised to marry you,
to bind my name with yours,
to intertwine my sash with yours,
then we will go together.
Oh dear brother, do you know this suffering I feel?
The longing and desperation that claws at me,
the claws that rips apart the cloth I dance with.
My pain is real and true,
my lips move and my heart screams, yet there is no voice.
Instead I dance at midnight, needles and nails puncturing my heels,
as I cry to ease the pain.
Oh dear brother, what must be done?
To fall into temptation but to avoid sin?
To fall helplessly in love but not to shatter in heartbreak?
What must be done, or is it truly impossible?
Oh dear brother, forgive me,
for I cannot bear it any longer,
the eyes of those embarrassed glares,
and I fall into a trap cleverly conceived.
I am strangled by my own sash,
the wind in my lungs are chained.
But I will continue to long for you,
to fulfill my promise and
to dance with you
in the golden halls of the sky.


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