If you’ve scoured through my blog, you may realize that I’ve linked my Facebook profile.

If you click on it, you may either be disgusted by sushi or be entranced by your love for sushi that you are so compelled to send me a friend request. If you are one of the latter, then by all means, send me a friend request. I don’t mind; if I do, I would have taken my Facebook link off.

The problem is that I have no idea who you are on Facebook, because of that I’m slightly cautious. I’m sure most of you have dealt with spam requests so you get what I mean. I don’t want to accidentally block you either though.

So if you do send me a friend request, leave a comment on my About page. Preferably with your name attached, but if you’d like to keep your anonymity, then you don’t have to. Just as long as I know that the friend request I received isn’t spam.

The only reason why I say this is because I just received a friend request who I don’t know, but isn’t Asian and her profile doesn’t seem to be hacked. Which is why I am slightly inclined to think that it may be from you guys, I think. Then again, why would anyone send a friend request to a stranger they barely know?

I’d scratch this entire post since I just realized how impossible it is for a blogger to send me a friend request, but I’ve already written this. So I’ll post it anyways.

Hopefully you’ll like sushi.


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