“Let her talk to a priest,”

I say to my mother as I look over to my grandmother.

As none of you may know, I am an apatheist. Or an agnostic, your choice, doesn’t matter to me. Bottom line is, I don’t give a shit about religion and I don’t plan on doing so anytime soon. If you are religious then good for you, and I’ll respect your decision, but I’ll still remain an apatheist.

But even though I don’t give a shit, I do understand the need for others to rely on a God (or Gods).

Hell, religion is the main way for my family (except me) to recover from my brother’s death, even if I don’t care about religion. The one important thing, that day, I told my mom was, “I know it hurts, but please promise me that you won’t lose faith in God.”

If she had, she would have fallen into a deep depression.

Because I understand that, I have to reason with them through religion no matter my stance, even if I have to lie. It also hurts to lie, of course, but I’d rather tell sweet nothings than to see my family cry.


4 thoughts on ““Let her talk to a priest,”

  1. I was born and bred in a Protestant household but I’m an agnostic myself. I don’t condemn or judge anyone based on their religous beliefs. But although there is comfort in the idea of an afterlife as well as our lives being already “fated”, I truly believe that the world would be a better place without religion of any sort. It only leads to death and war.

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    • I used to agree with your ideology, but now I’m not so sure anymore. Whether or not I believe in it, it’s the only way that my family is taking comfort in his death, and that is the only way for them to explain it. I know there are others who have been saved by religion in similar ways, so I guess like anything else, religion has its pros and cons and is essential in any sort of society.


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