Re: The Glass Schism

Like the post for RoutineDreamer a while back, I was replying to this post by SaBiscuit but it got just a tad too long. Instead, I’ll be replying here as a post.

I think about technology is that everything has its pros and cons, which all relies on the users. Google had only created the tool, and we, the people are supposed to be the ones to use it however they want. That sex app you mentioned wasn’t even made by Google, but by a third party developer, which is part of the users. The computer is, in a way, also the same in which it has its pros and cons that depend entirely on the users.

Also with that promotion point, with any new product, it’s just a way to gain the public’s attention. I think there will be a time when Google does show Glass as a product for charity too (because, let’s face it, donating to charity makes the public think you’re kind and real), but since DVF is quite popular too, it’s no surprise that Google took a step there as well. Plus, it’s advertisement, and the basic point is just to put the product out there.

With all new technology, I think it’s only fair to say that it will take time and a few trial-and-errors before legal and social laws are placed down. Being completely new, people will (of course) feel uncomfortable and skepticism towards it. The TV must have felt uncomfortable when first released too, I mean, moving pictures with sound coming out? That’s insane, sci-fi stuff man. With all new technology, you have to give it time to breathe and develop so that it will become more acceptable on society’s standards. You can never really expect anything to be released and immediately accepted by the users: that’s what feedback is for.

After the phone and the camera, personally, I think Glass is just one step forward from that. There are already small cameras that you can place on your person in a barely noticeable way, and there are those bluetooth receivers for phones already. It’s not too big of a surprise that Glass is coming, and if Google hadn’t developed it first, then other developers (e.g. Apple) would have. Like Apple was known for the iPad, Google is now known as the pioneer in wearable technology, and to be honest, all technology-related companies have the pressure to innovate if they want to be popular. It was only a matter of time, I think.

Obviously I’m a big fan of technology :b


One thought on “Re: The Glass Schism

  1. I’ve only just found your post, so please accept my apologies for the delayed response. I was aware that the sex app was not made by Google and I am sure that I referenced the article discussing it and its makers in my post. I also pointed out several pros of the device, which are right there in the article, each of them I would be happy to take advantage of. My concern was with the privacy intrusion and the use people make of idle hands. I have hobbies and I don’t need to videorecord people going about their daily lives in order to pass the time. Some people do and it is a cause for concern. I don’t know if you’ve ever had strangers come up to you and take photos of you while you’re out shopping in your roomwear and then tell you they are going to upload it to their social networking sites. If you did, on a daily basis, you would probably empathise more closely with the sentiments I was trying to convey in my article. I hope that you were able to see that my presentation was balanced and well thought out. As you know, Google has since sidelined sales of Glass and I was very happy about that. I hope you are well and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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