A topic shouted and beaten upon by various people and green organizations for years. It’s a subject of shame of our people and an example of irresponsibility as a human race, as many Greenpeace activists say (okay, maybe not Greenpeace, but you got to admit that this is funny).

But does it truly come down to irresponsibility, or of necessity?

Humans require shelter, and that, obviously enough, takes the form of a house. As we fuck and give birth to seven billion people, we require many, many more houses. These, in turn, grow into suburbs and apartments and various other housing-related nouns.

But we don’t stop there. As our intellect develops over generations (or decrease somewhat in my generation, yes, including me), we begin to thrive for a system that keeps everyone in order and for consumer entertainment. We create banks, offices, malls, and other buildings unrelated to shelter.

As the human race grows and evolves, we require more space for cities, farms, and industrial plantations to sustain our needs. The reality is, if we suddenly stop this growth, there will be a lack of resources for everyone. As we continue popping out more mouths, the demand grows; and as the demand grows, the supply must be enough. Therefore, by requirement, we must forge more human lands and urbanize.

Just as the animals of the wild live in the tropical jungle, so too we live in an urban jungle. And the reality is, as one jungle grows, the other diminishes to make room.

It’s a jungle-eat-jungle world. Or, you know, people can stop fucking like bunnies or something, but I digress.

However, there’s also another side to the story. There always is. Perhaps it’s just a problem in my place, but there are now newly built shops by the side of the road, just a cluster of them. But the thing is, they’re mostly empty and unused because they’re very unpopular. Nobody visits them because there’s a humongous mall nearby that pretty much covers everything.

These unneeded shops take a great deal of land that could have been used for other, sustainable reasons. Even worse, now they’re building yet another cluster of shops elsewhere that also takes up a huge plot of land. Depending on how you view it, money could really be the root of evil in this situation or why wouldn’t they use the plot of land for anything else?

So are we taking it a bit too far?

Sure there are buildings that have these small (and cute) little gardens on rooftops, but they would never be able to replace the rainforest. Unless we are actually able to develop a forest to perch on a huge building and use that as a substitute for the wild, we will be taking away the habitats of other species.

This won’t just be repercussions for wildlife, but also for humanity. How will we possibly live in a world full of urban materials and trash? Will we someday outgrow all of it that we are forced to migrate and hover around in space?

But it’s not only a bad thing, I mean now two little robots can find love in space.


Awwww look at them.

If this goes on, will we decimate the true green populations of our earth? Will we then create an illusion of a forest with urban materials, forcing us to live in the artificial jungle forever?

But hey, the worst we can do is inventing metal flowers. Oh wait.


6 thoughts on “Urbanization

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    Yea…everything we touch, we seem to screw up. So why not our planet?

    That is why I like to get away every now and then like I am right now. Enjoying being in the middle of nowhere!


  2. internetheartsbeauty says:

    If only more people could have the same awareness and care for the environment we live in. Unfortunately we don’t live in a bubble and our actions affect others, whether they are humans, animals, plants, .etc. It’s a good thing that when it comes to sustainability, the little actions do count.

    Liked by 1 person

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