500 followers o:

Thanks to everyone who followed me and stayed. Emphasis on ‘stayed’.

Glad none of you have unfollowed me yet (:

But no I’m serious, what could you guys possibly achieve from reading a blog with a content of angsty poems 40% of the time and arrogant rants every other time?

Probably shouldn’t question it too much, but thanks again guys! I’ll keep reading your blogs too so don’t worry about me just posting :D!


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  1. Congrats! I’m sure this feels amazing to you. I guess I just like reading your blog because you’re real and have interesting, regular posts 🙂
    I feel like I need to start making more of an effort to talk to fellow bloggers again. It’s hard to find bloggers who post regularly and who aren’t posting about religion or fitness! I always seem to find those blogs more than any other.

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  2. It does feel so amazing! And well, happy to know that you find me interesting, I try haha :b
    Same, I personally avoid religion sites like a plague (except for a few). I mean, good for them, but I cannot handle daily bible quotes.
    What I did was that, in WordPress Reader, you use the tag function on the left. e.g. I put in poetry, gaming, technology, humor (all separate tags of course) and I go from there. You can also use the list function for a more diverse choice. No more fitness and religious blogs for you! :b


  3. Congrats on the count.
    I don’t know what reading your blog(in fact any blog) gives me, but i read. I read only during work hours and whenever i am free i hop on to some blog and go on reading. Personally, i don’t like reading poems but cannot ignore if something interesting catches my eye. I could always learn new things at work, but i am just addicted to reading and cannot help it. And i guess that is why i read.

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