He spies a sword on the table and wields it, sneaking away silently from the unknowing Dark Queen, one of the two who imprisoned him in this lonely castle. Sticking to the shadows like glue, he is a ninja, born and raised. His entire life depends on his sly escape.

The ninja slides into the Dark Queen’s sitting room and surveys his surrounding. Plush cushions litter the room, a welcoming sight for any tired ninja. An untrained one would have succumbed to the soft temptation, but not he, he is far too wise for such a trick.

Ah-ha, a trap! Out of the corner of his eyes, two spears are hidden between loving wool for him to fall into. But he knew better than to fall into that!

He takes a few steps back and then runs lightning speed towards the spear. Then, with mighty fervour, he jumps into the air with grace and power! It is close, so close, for the tips of the spears had almost scratched him, but he had accomplished the feat of a five-meter jump! Of course he had, he is an Olympic athlete by day, after all.

He ducks, hiding himself from the vision of the Dark King who is resting on his throne. He was almost sighted, but his trusty ninja camouflage had saved him once more! But no more, he would not hid in fear, today the Dark King topples and all the prisoners will be free! The ninja now crawls with determination, and transforms into a majestic lion.

The lion chases after the King’s throne as fast as he could, sword in paw. Once at the foot of the King, he roars to assert his dominance, and stabs the throne to intimidate the Dark King.

“Hey champ,” the Dark King bellows, setting aside his parchment (which must be his death sentence), the Dark King picks the lion up to his lap, “What are you doing with your mom’s spoon?”

No good, he needs to try harder before the King would fall! “Roar!”

“Roar to you too, tiger!” The King laughs mockingly.

“I’m not a tiger, I’m a lion!”

“Sorry, roar to you too, lion!” The King smiles, “Come on, it’s past your bedtime, and lions needs sleep too.”

The King rises and carries the lion on his shoulder. The lion grumbles, he’s failed his mission once more.

But mark his words, he will escape from the castle someday!


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