“Cold Hard Facts” (Challenge #1)

Our second entry is from Michael of The Vision of Poets. This is a deep, love story embraced by fantastic usage of imagery. The original poem can be found here.

Wiping the perspiration from my brow
Sitting here in the coldness of your heart
Wondering how I could possibly feel the heat
Alongside your frigid soul

Only yesterday you professed your
Profound desire for my love…
Yet – today I find you here amongst the passionflower,
Entangled in the vines of your
Profligated desires

As you walk out my door
And into the yard…
I can see your breath as a cold fog
Although the sun is shining brightly
On this warm day of December

Frost is forming beneath your feet
With each step that you take
Away from me…
I can only suppose from the bitter cold that
Dwells within you

I must join those who have warned me
Of your desires for wandering
Amongst the frozen tundra
In your nakedness…
Hidden from those who have cared so
Deeply for your being…
Yet have suffered so profoundly from the ice
That creeps so perniciously through
Your veins

I must find my own pathway to survival
Without you inside my heart…
Although my thoughts of you in this very moment
Are far less than honorable…
I will not linger in my reflections of you
For I have endured the cold many times before…
I have had my heart shattered in the past
By the cold hard facts of reality…
While I lingered in moments of my illusions
That I was truly loved…

Be careful with whom you wander…
Across the frozen ponds of your delusive heart…
Your nakedness may someday feel the cold…
And frostbite hurts…


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