Label Yourself

I can’t say that I’ve been on WordPress for a long time but after going through a hell lot of blogs, I can say that I have been thoroughly confused by the names I’ve come across, be it the blog title or the author’s pen-name. I get that it might be thematic or something like that, but if they’re not, they just come across as odd to me. It’s so odd that I had to make a list.

Mind that they’re usually fine alone, it’s mostly questionable to me when they get mixed and matched up.

  1. Religion – This makes sense if you’re a priest/monk/etc. or have a solely religious blog, but it gets a bit tiring to see if a name is a religion plus a country or a gender. I mean yes, we get that you’re overly devout person or if your religion is ‘very rare’ in your country (congrats for being special), but I don’t call myself “Agnosticatheistwhatever Asian” do I?
  2. Country – Unless you’re someone blogging about living in a foreign country or mainly about a specific country in general, it confuses me if your name/blog title has little or nothing to do with the country whatsoever. Yes, you’re from Planet Earth, moving on.
  3. Gender – This is mainly directed to girls (yes I’m betraying my own gender) since I haven’t come across one with ‘boy’ in it yet. I don’t understand what the importance of adding your gender in to your name is, I mean great that you’re a female librarian, but in my eyes you’re just a normal librarian. (I should also fuck with people someday and call myself “AznGirl” and write a blog with nothing related to fashion.)
  4. Race – I don’t need to be constantly reminded if you’re white or black or green. Unless you literally have black-and-white stripes like a zebra (yes I mean literally, all stripey and shit), they’re all the same to me.

Good for you if you like your current name or blog title, but in my opinion, people who fall into that category are grasping at straws. Are you that dull that you must fall back onto the labels of your physical body? I mean, come on, in the end we’re all just human beings. No matter your gender, race, or whatever else that may pop up.

Instead, do you know what makes us interesting? It’s our interests, our likes, dislikes, knowledge, hobbies, and passions. Sure there may be people out there who may or may not share the same interests as us, but at the very least we can converse with others about our interests. If we could connect with others just because we’re girls, everyone would be friends, wouldn’t they? That and World War III of boys vs. girls. Unfortunately (and fortunately), it doesn’t work that way.

Also, welcome to the snarkier side of Fluency, we’re open 24/7 :b


17 thoughts on “Label Yourself

  1. I sigh whenever I see those kinds of names. But then I try to smile and be like, “I don’t know how their minds work, and I never know what’s inside of them. I want to think that it’s adorable :D”

    But… I want to apologize if my username or blog’s title has ever confused you…


    • I do sigh too, and I usually pass over their blogs because to be honest I’m not interested in race/religion/etc. But yeah, we don’t know what they’re thinking so perhaps it is adorable :b

      And nah, no need to apologize for anything, you did nothing wrong. Plus your username is pretty good haha

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      • Hahaha yes I do the same 😀
        I wonder how the world would be like if in real life everyone wears their own username/title/label that all the people can see…

        Not that human can be labeled by only one name or term. Each person is unique and complex in their own way hehe

        Thank you >.< I overthink things sometimes hehehe


        • Unfortunately some people in real life DO wear their username as a label, and it’s a real shame to see because they could be so much more interesting to others if they show their other interests too. And yeah, each person is unique too.

          Haha, you’re welcome :b

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  2. I’ve found this post to be quite enlightening. Very interesting thoughts from one who goes by ‘fluency’, but then… here I am stuck with that horrible 33 after my name… hmmm… does get one to thinking. Loved the post. Your site is terrific and quite a joy to wander through. Thank you for sharing with us…


  3. After reading this I’m pretty sure that my blog name annoys you. But that’s okay because it’s my blog, not yours and everyone has their own opinion. Personally, I don’t feel like I’ve labelled myself. It was just a play on the phrase “girl next door” and I’m quite proud of it.


    • Nah TBH I realized that it was a play on that phrase and the blog name is kinda cute :b But yeah, glad that you know that, and it’s exactly that: this post is only my opinion. Don’t change it because of me or feel anything negative towards it, I’m just a single voice after all 🙂


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