“The good old days,”

Is something I can’t really answer if someone were to ask me about it. All of my memories are pretty vague, and none of them really stand out unless they’re negative memories.

To be honest, I thought my ‘good old days’ are from when I was in grade 9, but when I think “why”, I can’t answer. Then I realize that they were good days because they were days when nothing happened, in a way I meant they’re peaceful, so much so no single day really sticks out and I can only recall bits of the good times.

There was also this time two years ago where I suppose could also be called good times where I interacted solely in an online community, though if I look back, those times were detrimental to me and made me pull back into a shell further than I should have. It’s also where I began to deteriorate academically. Sure the memories were okay, but would they be called the ‘good old days’ if they shaped me into a worse person that I am now than before?

I don’t believe it should be, mainly because I’m now trying to unravel said negative influence. But if that’s so, it would mean that I don’t have a form of ‘the good old days’. No lasting period of my life has really shown itself as an exceedingly great experience for me.

Then again, I’m still a young whippersnapper who still needs to learn my place.

It’s a good thing, though, because it means that I haven’t lived to the fullest and it gives me another reason to live. Sure, life will be harsher as I grow older, but the rewards will also be far more fulfilling.

That’s something to look forward to.


6 thoughts on ““The good old days,”

  1. “Sure the memories were okay, but would they be called the โ€˜good old daysโ€™ if they shaped me into a worse person that I am now than before?”

    Maybe, just maybe, there would be a day when you call those days the ‘good old days’. Maybe when you have experienced much more hardships in life, that’d be when you would hold dear the memories of you growing, trying, learning, and enjoying making mistakes ๐Ÿ™‚


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