Professional blogger, huh?

Say that ten years ago and you’d be a laughing stock.

It’s kind of interesting to see blogging grow from this hobby of loud, outspoken people turn into a business. What was intended to be used as a diary is used… Well, like a diary, but a public one.

I’ve never really had a public diary before now, so I should have been a bit weirded out about strangers peeking into my private life.

For some reason, I’m not, thankfully for you guys too or I would’ve called the cops by now.

Though, even now, I still don’t really understand what a professional blogger is supposed to be. I mean, what most professional bloggers do is just rant about their lives and other subjects, right?

So does that mean they’re a professional ranter, then? ‘Cause that’s quite an award to give out.


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