Masks are worth a thousand words.

They say that a mask is temporary, the subject of a disappearing act.

But that’s a bit far from the truth, isn’t it?

What is a mask? With its intricacies and sequins, yet sometimes white and plain texture. Colors splashed carelessly and specifically on its facial features.

Is it just a mask? Not really, it’s art.

And art tells a story of a thousand words, doesn’t it?

Each and every mask you have speaks about your story, and new ones will grow as a facet of yourself as you walk on. It will be a part of you, a part of your mosaic.

Your mosaic will be different, a single glass in the whole puzzle will change. It will turn a light red, and will only grow darker each time you put on your mask, no longer temporary.

But how will it turn out as a whole piece? Will it clash with the blue or will it sit comfortably with the orange?

You decide.


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