I don’t get James Cameron’s Avatar…

Something has always been nagging in my mind ever since the movie was released. Yes, I know, I’m more than a few years late. But my friend mentioned to me that he was going to be a missionary soon that provoked this thought once more.

Nothing wrong with being a missionary, mind, and it’s been a while since I’ve watched this film so I may get some parts wrong.

Let’s start at the end. I don’t understand why the Na’vi only realized that the humans are spies only at the end. What, did the English not give them away?

Grace’s avatar was wearing clothes, a human invention. She was teaching Na’vi kids humanspeak.

That didn’t give her away? Seriously?

Did they really think she was Eywa-sent who magically knew English and was not human?

Now I wonder why the humans wasted that amount of cloth just to give unnecessary shirts for the Avatars. Was the Director that desperate to differentiate the good guys and the bad guys?

I’m just so confused.


3 thoughts on “I don’t get James Cameron’s Avatar…

  1. I hated it and so did most of the people I knew who saw it. I stopped watching three times (on a flight to Australia) and only finished it on the return trip. I think the blue skin of primitive looking people speaking broken English was the turnoff. I would have bought a desolate alien world with a record of a civilisation more advanced than ours. However James Cameron probably can’t deal with a race of people who are more advanced than he is. The film is limited in vision because of his God complex. It was certainly his way of acting out his fantasies of saving the world.

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