The fire alarm just rang,

And nobody made a run for it. The lady in the shop continued to clean her window.

Makes me wonder what’d happen if a real fire goes off.


2 thoughts on “The fire alarm just rang,

  1. Yeah, I work in a hotel, and we are required to have fire drill/alarm test once a month….. The guests aren’t required to evacuate, but we “practice,” and often half the staff falls short…. Only once have we ever had to evacuate the building for real, at 11pm, when some punk kid pulled the ballroom fire alarm at a family reunion. We weren’t very prepared for it. The guests took care of themselves, mostly, because at night, everything seems scarier/more serious if it is something that implies a tragedy/emergency….


    • Damn o: And yeah, I guess that’s because they know that it’s impossible for a fire alarm to be so late at night. I am glad that the guests were able to get out safely, but I hope that the staff understands the gravity of the situation so no one gets hurt 😦


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