Drone Nudes

Oh maaaaaaan, remember when people complained that technology is taking away their privacy? Now this one takes the bucket. Though I’d rather chalk it up to accident because it actually is an accident, I don’t think that such a case would happen again unless the drone flies over to a nudist beach or something.

But what I find most interesting is that people are apparently only now creeped out by drones. What, you’re not just creeped out by technology in general by now? The most these kinds of drones can do is to take pictures of your lovely family and children on a beautiful day for a picnic (unless it takes a nude by accident, of course). The most a simple computer can do? Expose celebrity nudes to the Internet.

If they had been talking about the military drones used to shoot people down only through a set of automatic instructions, then yes, that is fucking horrible. But this commercial-use drone? Nah, this is only child’s play, and nothing to be disturbed about whatsoever if you live with technology on a day-to-day basis. Especially since there are far more cases where people have their nudes stolen on the Internet and then shown off to other strangers in an unappealing way.

Perhaps it’s because people have been living with computers for a far longer time that something as unusual as a flying camera is scary and incites fear. Humans do have a tendency to fear the unknown, after all. But when you really get down to it, these drones can’t really hurt you much.

I say ‘much’ because there’s always a possibility for the drone operator to knock your head off with a piece of flying metal. I mean come on, it’s pretty tempting when you’ve got the remote controller in your hands, right?

But in a way, I view that drones are more of an extension to computers rather than being harmful towards society by itself. After all, what can a simple picture do if they aren’t distributed by the social networks alongside a questionable, controversial background?

Of course, that’s not what all drone operators/computer users are about. Hell, I’m not a malicious technology-using person (mostly) and I’m sure a lot of people would agree too. Perhaps what’s needed most is the trust between the public and these drone operators that they won’t misuse the pictures taken.

So in a way, it’s not about the usage of drones that we should be worrying about. It’s the people behind it, and to that extent, the people who use technology in general. If they have bad intentions, then they will cause havoc, drone or not.


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